“After a bit of research, I found an ‘inspiration’ room that was designed by Caroline. I loved the room so much that I hired Caroline despite the fact that we live in different states. When I hired her company, I was looking for someone who could steer my look from away from boring and traditional to elegant and contemporary. I wanted a home that felt bright and stylish. I love everything about her choices from the metallic wallpaper to the funky fabrics to the perfect light fixtures. I had a housewarming party four months ago and am still receiving compliments. There is no question that the beautiful surroundings of my home enhance my mood every day.” – Sharon N.

In the world of Caroline Brackett, every space should be peaceful yet inspiring. Alive yet tranquil. Captivating, with extreme attention to even the smallest detail. Effortlessly chic in simplicity, and above all individual to you, the client.

At CBSoD, we approach each client as if an old friend, intuitively discovering who you are and reflecting that in your home. Hundreds of details and selections that may seem inconsequential to the untrained eye are carefully noted and taken into account as we work to create an environment that perfectly suits our client. Our ultimate goal is for families to enjoy doing life together, collectively and independently, within the comfort of their own home. Juxtapositions about in a CBSoD home: planned yet spontaneous, old and new, effortless yet exact, comfortable yet refined. And each place tells a story. Your story.

“I love working with Caroline! She has done a wonderful job decorating my home. I have been amazed how she can transform a room while keeping in mind the needs of a family of five and an aging spaniel.” – Ashley T.

We are a full service design company offering guidance in all aspects of design. Floor to ceiling, beginning to end, you can be assured that from concept to installation, every step of the process will be carefully monitored and overseen by Caroline herself.

Services you can expect:

  • Architectural plan reviews
  • Floor and furniture plans drafted to scale per room
  • All paint and material selections
  • To the trade only furniture, fabric, lighting
  • Accessorizing and styling

“I was introduced to Caroline by a friend from Charlotte who had used her and liked her work. Caroline is now helping me with a huge remodel. She has been very professional and fun to work with. I am eager to see the results when they finally come together. I think they will be just what my family and teenagers will love.” – Lisa F.